Saturday, September 5, 2009

We've Moved!

Our blog has moved to:

No, our family hasn't moved to a new home. . . . This blog has moved to a new home. I wanted a new look and some additional features that Blogger doesn't offer, so I started researching other blog hosts. After accidentally letting a virus infiltrate and crash our computer when I was looking at new backgrounds on "The Cutest Blog on the Block," I got serious about moving.

After doing a lot of research and "comparison shopping," (although Jesse still thinks this is a spontaneous, not carefully-thought-out, move) I decided to try TypePad. I am very happy with the results: the more professional look, the photo albums directly linked to the blog, the "pages."

Please try it out. The old features like "Quote of the Week" and "News Flash" are "pages" listed on the left side bar; I even added a new one titled "Tender Mercies." Click on a photo album featured on the sidebar to see new pictures (you can click on the blog title at the top of the photo pages to return to the blog). I am still trying to figure out the best way to post videos (currently it is a hyperlink which opens separately in your default media player), though, so I welcome your feedback.

I tried to keep as much of the old url address as possible to make it easy on you. Visit us at our new home:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Video Time!

You can learn a lot from a child. They have a fresh perspective on life, a practical approach to solving life's problems, and best of all, they are always good for a laugh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spider Fighters Music Video

Julie decided to start a rock band today. They all assumed stage names, picked instruments, recruited a camera man (yours truly), and made their first rock video. Someday, this will play in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- historical footage of the day that Spider Fighters was born.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It has been a few years since I last watched the space shuttle launch on TV. I knew the launch had been postponed on Monday and was rescheduled for this evening. I remembered at 4:55 pm Central Daylight Time to look online to see if a live feed was available (we don't have a digital converter box yet). I saw that the launch was scheduled for 3:03 PDT, wondered why it was listed in Pacific time when the shuttle was launching from the East Coast, quickly did the conversion to Eastern time and excitedly found a live feed on NASA's website. We started watching at t-minus five minutes - just in the nick of time.

As the kids and I watched, we marvelled and wondered aloud if Jesse made it to see the launch. He has been in Orlando this week for a training class. He had called us Monday from Cape Canaveral disappointed that the launch, originally scheduled for that evening, had been postponed until Wednesday due to lightning storms. He was not sure if he would be able to come back, but the group he is with, all nerdy engineers (oops, don't tell Jesse I said that) who, like Jesse and I, grew up watching the space shuttle launches on TV- even in school - decided for a second try.

Jesse called five munutes after launch and told us he had seen it!!! He was on the eastern side of the island watching in person as the Space Shuttle Endeavor launched!!! His main comments about the sight were that first, he was amazed that the sound of the rockets was slow to travel to where he was and second, that the shuttle quickly disappeared into the clouds, while we here at home kept watching via NASA cameras for the rocket separations. I asked him if the ground shook, but he said he wasn't close enough to actually feel it. (I thought that that the power of the booster rockets was so great that you could feel it for miles - obviously, I was naive.)

We are very excited for Jesse! He said proudly he could cross "watching the space shuttle launch in person" off his Bucket List.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video Time

While Nana was in town for Julie's baptism, she taught Julie to play the piano. I have faithfully tried to keep up lessons over the last two weeks. Julie proudly shows off her talent.